Friday, August 6, 2010

Child of God

After writing that last blog I realized, I AM special!  How dare I belittle one of God's creations made in the image of God.  Whether I have friends or not does not say one little thing about how much I am loved by God...and He's the only one that really matters.  Plus, what makes a FaceBook or email friend any less precious.  You provide comfort, prayers and encouragement and I love you guys!

Just a Little Pathetic...

Okay, admittedly my last few posts have, well, sucked (I do have an excuse, my sister's cat has been using my hand as a permanent place to rest her frustratingly cute head - I can't say no and push her away).

Recently I commented on one of Lindsey Nobles' great blogs.  To my surprise, she replied to my comment.  When I found out, it suddenly made me feel "special" and excited; I was important!  Somebody had read what I had written and thought it worthy of a reply!

My comment (or confession, if you like) was about my lack of "real true life" friends; the fact that the only friends I had are friends through email or Face Book.  It was also a confession about the thought that my "friends" gain or lose notches according to how quickly they respond to any message I send them.  I do (well, should) realize that others actually have lives and aren't there to answer at my beck and call (I think that's the way it goes) yet, even in light of that fact, I find myself affected either positively or negatively depending on the amount of time it takes them to get back to me.  There it is, the truth.  Pretty sad.